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Our Harbor Sailing Tours

Charleston Sail thanks all the adventurers aged 1 to 80 who have participated in our harbor sailing tours during our first year of operation: July 2012 to July 2013.

Charleston SC harbor sailing tours
A big thank you to our first 150 charter customers who bought 3 hour harbor tours and sailing lessons through our various internet sales promotions and personal referrals. We are excited to have had over 400 people sail with us so far in 2013. It has been a pleasure to show the ropes to many who were new to sailing. Aaron, one of our novice sailors, declared that she wanted to go out and buy a sail boat after one action packed sailing lesson in 18+ knot winds. Indeed 2 of our charter customers (Don and Rick) have done just that. Two of our younger guests, who are both 6 years old, did an impressive job at steering and soon were able to keep us on a straight course under sail and power, truly sailors in the making.

During most sailing tours we have observed dolphins and pelicans. On one occasion we stopped the boat for 10 minutes as we watched in amazement 12 dolphins circling around and hunting fish. Another time we had a group of 5 pelicans paddling after us hoping for a fishy handout, and then there was the day we observed a leatherback turtle swimming right next to us.

Gift certificates and weekend adventure Cruises are available.